You made a significant investment in your home standby generator,
let us help you protect it with preventative maintenance.

Available Plans Based on Your Generator Model

Regular maintenance is critical to ensuring that your generator is operating at peak performance. To secure or renew your preventative maintenance plan for up to 5 years, contact us or call our customer service team at 888-319-0557.

Select your generator model below.

Plan OptionsService LevelPrice
One Time Service1 Visit$250
1 Year2 Visits$395
2 Years4 Visits$740
3 Years6 Visits$1080
4 Years8 Visits$1400
5 Years10 Visits$1700
Plan OptionsService LevelPrice
One Time Service1 Visit$400
1 Year2 Visits$615
2 Years4 Visits$1180
3 Years6 Visits$1740
4 Years8 Visits$2280
5 Years10 Visits$2800

Yearly service visits will be performed semi-annually.
Maintenance agreement does not include the cost of replacing a battery, if needed.
All additional maintenance or repairs will be subject to standard service rates.

Services Included With Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

Our team of factory-trained, certified technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your generator including:

External Connections

Tighten connectors
Check conduit/PVC
Check control wiring Levelness of generator


Oil level check
Oil (5W30 Synthetic)
Oil filter check
Fuel lines & connections
Regulator vent
Flexible fuel lines

Electrical Systems/ATS

No load voltage/Hz
Line to Line – 240volts
Line to Neutral – 120volts
Line to Ground – 120volts
Grounding conductor
Earth grounds
DC control fuses
ATS fuses N1, N2, T1
ATS connections
Junction box connections


Coolant level (LC only)
Coolant hose (LC only)
Enclosure louvers
Fan operation/temp


Excessive vibration
Excessive noise
Flex hose not bent
Unit locked (per customer)
Proper clearance
Breaker in “ON” position
Reset maintenance
Firmware updated
Unit left in “Auto”

Outside Enclosure

Apply conditioner & wax


Air cleaner
Spark plugs
Exhaust system
Sensor connections
Choke plate operation

Battery System*

Battery voltage
Corrosion removal
Clean & tighten terminals
Charge state
Battery date
*Battery should be replaced approx. every 4 years